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AMD is the leading cause of blindness after age 55 in developed countries. Affects 11 million people in the USA and over 200 million globally

AMD is an eye condition resulting in loss of central vision, usually in both eyes. It causes increasing loss of ability to read and navigate, with associated quality of life issues.
AMD is the leading cause of blindness in adults over 50 in most economically developed nations. Macular degeneration affects over 3% of the global population.

AMD results from the breakdown of the eye’s macula, the part of the retina responsible for central vision. Symptoms include blurry vision, blind spots in central vision, straight lines appearing wavy, the need for increasingly bright light to see detail and distorted vision progressing to partial or total central vision loss.

AMD Causes Progressive Vision Loss By Damaging the Central Retina

Distorted Visual Field​


Macular Degeneration

Progressive Loss of Central Vision

Two kinds of Disease | Dry and Wet AMD

  • Dry AMD (ca. 85% of AMD cases) is the most common form and correlates with a build up of drusen in the retina.
  • Wet AMD (ca. 15% of AMD cases) is the less common but more aggressive form. In addition to the dry AMD disease process, there is additional abnormal growth of blood vessels pervading the retinal structure.

Other than an implantable telescope, there are currently no approved therapies for dry AMD.